Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shutters and Hardware

Chris is really involved when it comes to the aesthetics of our house, but most of the time I'm the one that agonizes over colors or fabrics or furniture selections, and I narrow them down for Chris to choose from. So I get a kick out of it when Chris comes to me with his own ideas and asks for my opinion.
The other day it was about shutters. When we moved in we discovered a bunch of old shutters in the basement and in the garage. Chris recently dug them out and found that there are enough for all of the street facing windows on our house, albeit some need repair.  He tried to sell me on having them repaired and repainted with the rest of the house, but I wasn't feeling it. There's already a lot happening decoratively speaking on the exterior of our house and surely there can be too much of a good thing.
Then he started his campaign. He wants to get hardware to match the authenticity of the original shutters.
Larson Shutter Company
He also suggested that we mount the shutters on the inside of the window frame.
Timberlane Shutters
Timberlane Shutters
Timberlane Shutters
I never really noticed that true functional shutters would be mounted on the inside of the window frame. It makes sense though. After all, the original purpose of a pair of shutters is to cover a window when drawn closed.

In any case,  here's a shot of Chris holding a shutter next to the window so that I could get a better idea of how it would look. 

Yup, okay. Looks good.
Nice job, Chris.
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