Monday, July 16, 2012

My First Brimfield

I came. I saw. I bought stuff.
(albeit not a lot of stuff)

Over the weekend, I had my first Brimfield experience. Believe me when I say that it is as overwhelming as you've heard. I prepped beforehand and I heeded all the advice: I got there early, I brought a friend (Chris), I wore sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes, and brought lots of cash. Still, I choked and only came home with a couple of things.

Getting there early gave us the place practically all to ourselves. By 1 o'clock when we left (Chris had had enough), it was a mob scene.
 It is true when they say you can find almost anything under the sun at Brimfield.
 Butcherblock and chrome kitchen island. The tag said $995, but the dealer kept saying, "Make me an offer! Make me an offer!" In fact, it seemed most dealers were willing to negotiate prices.
 A pair of leather chairs in horrible condition.
Here's a rug I had my eye on, but I couldn't pull the trigger. Asking price was $1600 and the dealer was willing "to work with me". Tempting, but that's a whole lot of money to spend on an impulse purchase.
This booth was really cute. Everything inside was cream and turquoise. I think they were asking $40 for the jug.
I loved these lamp bases, but Chris didn't.
I should have gotten them anyway.
Chris loved these giant iron man-on-horse lawn ornaments, but I didn't.
I'm really glad he didn't get them anyway.
Next time I shop for a rug, I'll wait for Brimfield.
This chest of drawers was cool. $195.
Some dealers are really on top of the trends. Vintage sports memorabilia was a big one.
Every time we saw a framed vintage photo of a sports team, Chris would whisper, "Carpe Diem" in a Robin Williams's Dead Poet's Society voice.
So what did I take home?
A large shallow basket for $5 and a framed watercolor print for $20.

I spent more on parking and lunch :)
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