Monday, July 23, 2012

My Husband, Window Installer

We got word from our roofing contractor that the slates have shipped and he can get us on his schedule within the next few weeks. Finally! While a new roof is one giant step toward transforming the outside of our house, there are still many other projects Chris needs to take care of. One being installing new windows in the garage.
When we moved in almost two years ago, one of the window panes was broken, so replacing it has been on our "to-do" list for quite some time. I wouldn't have thought that replacing windows was a DIY job until Chris in fact, did it himself within a couple of hours. My hero.
First he removed the old frames.

 He had to remove all the rotted wood and replace it.

 He popped the new window into its new frame and secured it in place. (Note that there were a lot of curse words and tools getting thrown around, this step was probably easier said than done).

 Both windows are in and he's insulated the gaps with expanding foam to keep out water and bugs.

Making a couple of adjustments from the outside.

The hard part is done. All that is left to do is replace the trim pieces.
We probably don't need those screens...

I'm seriously impressed that this was something he was willing to try himself. My fear when DIYing (even with as something as easy as making pillows) is that I'm going to do more harm than good and waste lots of money ruining costly materials. We are probably a good balance, Chris and I.

Do you consider yourself a DIY risk taker?
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