Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Saving for a Rainy Day

If the weather wasn't so darn perfect this summer, I might have a little more motivation to stay inside and get some projects done around the house. But it has been sunny and hot and my antique house doesn't have AC.

So in lieu of sharing any completed projects, I'll share what I'd be doing if I wasn't out and about enjoying summer.

1. Fabric Covered Roller Shades
This is an oldie but goodie, plus RenĂ©'s tutorial at Cottage & Vine makes it look easy. I have a couple guest rooms that would look 100% better with some pretty fabric covered blackout shades. I also have plenty of guests who'd appreciate not waking up at 6 o'clock on a Saturday morning.

2. Make a plain pillow fancy
Etsy seller drkdesigns
I already have a plain white pillow cover that I bought at Ikea several years back, and I have some leftover trim from my guest bath shower curtain. I just need to arrange a meeting between the two.

3. Make my own artwork
Oh, I still have so many empty walls to fill! This tutorial from at At Home has me thinking I could make good use out of the millions of paint sample pots I've saved in our basement.

4. Cover some shades
My dining room is devoid of all color except black and beige. It could use a zing of something bright and flashy. I'd like to recover the lampshades on my buffet to look like the ones in the photo above.

5. Make a furry ottoman
Chris wants another dog. I'd prefer one of these instead.
Step by step instructions available from The Nesting Place.

What's been lingering on your project list?
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