Monday, July 9, 2012

This Settles It

Gosh, I love the Internet. Seriously, what did people do before the world wide web made it so easy to gather the information required to make such important decisions as paint color selections?

Thanks to all for your responses to our exterior paint color quandary. Amherst Grey was overwhelmingly favored over all the other samples I slapped up on the side of our house. This was my favorite from the beginning, but Chris was undecided. You've all convinced him :)

While your comments were convincing enough, this is the picture that sealed the deal:

According to Houzz, this home was painted in Benjamin Moore's Amherst Gray. Enough said.

And I think I might just take good old Ben's recommendation and go with Citrine (or some other yellow) as our front door color.

We could use a bright color on the front door so that it will stand out under the shaded porch.
Hopefully my husband agrees.
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