Monday, August 13, 2012

No Turning Back

Our pre-painted gutters are were installed late last week...
Our pre-painted, color matched "montgomery white" gutters.
Allow me start from the beginning.
A couple weeks ago, I went to the Benjamin Moore store to pick out color chips for our trim, accent, and front door colors. It was serendipitous that a Benjamin Moore color expert was onsite to help me out. I showed her pictures our house and told her we wanted something the color of buttercream for the trim color to go with the main house color we'd already decided on, Amherst Gray:

So she suggested Montgomery White:
When I'd gone in there, I was thinking I wanted a bright yellow front door color. She talked me out of that, saying it would be too close to the trim color. Instead she recommended Atmospheric:
or Wasabi:
Loved them. Loved them both.

But after a few days of living with huge sample paintboards taped to my front door and agonizing over the decision, I ultimately determined that bright and funky was not the look I want. Our neighborhood is old school. Maybe too old school to appreciate a wasabi green front door.
So we're going to go with a more classic front door color:  good old respectable black.
I know it is the right decision because I haven't second guessed myself since.

Even with these decisions made, it was quite something to see the gutters go up in our
soon-to-be new trim color. There's no turning back now!
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