Friday, August 17, 2012

Progress and Patience

It was two years ago today that Chris and I moved to Hazard Ave.
I still remember how excited I was when our offer was accepted. I spent many nights lying awake mentally walking through the rooms trying to imagine how we'd make our new house our home. I envisioned how it would look once the kitchen and baths were remodeled, when the wallpaper was all down, and the with whole house freshly painted.  
Two years have gone by and we're probably not even halfway done with our remodeling efforts. We have to work within some very real constraints like a budget and around the schedules of our demanding day jobs. How frustrating!  But I think, I hope, in the end we'll be happy that we took our time renovating our forever home.  This is not a reno where we've made decisions with resale in mind. Instead we wonder, "Am I still going to like this 20 years from now?"

So without further ado, here are the projects that have kept Chris and I busy over the last year.
(click on the headers for more info on each).

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