Monday, August 6, 2012

Exterior Progress

There's been a significant amount of progress on our roof over the last week, but there's still lots more to do.
The synthetic slate roofing is up on 99% of the house, but with only a 4 foot section left to go  the roofers ran out of materials. It took 6 weeks for the original order of slate to ship so I'm not expecting the roof to get finished anytime soon...
They'll still have plenty to keep them busy in the meantime though: rotted clapboards need to be replaced, new gutters need to be installed, snow guards put in place, and clapboard siding needs to be hung on the sides of the dormers (they were previously covered with asphalt roofing).  I'm so glad my house is getting patched up, but man, she's looking like a hot mess right now.

In other news, the shipment of spindles arrived for our front porch. On Saturday while the rest of the northeast was at the beach escaping the heat, I was in the workshop helping Chris prime porch spindles.
All 1,000,000,000,000 of them.
We primed them with an oil based primer. This had to get done before Chris could start assembling the balustrade in order to prevent any water from getting sucked into the wood at the spots where the spindles are joined to the other pieces of the balustrade.

With the spindles still in the box, Chris hammered nails into the ends then laid them on strips of wood.

Genius. It made priming and drying quick and easy.

If you use your imagination, it is already starting to look like a new balustrade.

Ironically, the silhouette of the new spindle is almost an exact match to the ones we are replacing.
 A happy accident. I don't know why we didn't try to do that on purpose.
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