Friday, September 14, 2012

A Sword Story

One day a boy named Jim (Chris's dad) became friendly with a little old lady on his paper route. Occasionally she'd invite him inside while he collected payment for his route (the world was a safer place then). Jim had always admired an antique sword that hung in her home which she told him was from the War of 1812.
Years went by and eventually the little old lady passed away. Jim happened upon her estate sale and discovered the sword he'd long been fascinated by in a pile of treasures.

So of course he bought it.
It was $20.

Chris describes it as "one of those cool things that dads have". It was displayed in their family den in the home he grew up in.

And now (after almost a year of wondering where to put it), it is displayed in ours.

Don't you love when the decorative objects in your home come with a story?
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