Monday, September 17, 2012

House Bling

As part of our home's exterior makeover, Chris and I are taking the opportunity to change out all the lighting. It is all about the details.
I didn't think that choosing exterior lighting would be so difficult until I started looking around. The selection out there is HUGE and it felt like everything was either too craftsman, too ornate, too expensive, or too blah. I wanted something simple, but not boring.

Look at the dinky lantern that's hanging over the front door now. This thing shines bright enough to attract bugs and that's about all it is good for.
We're replacing it with this one. (in powder coated black). Simple, elegant, perfect.

The light over the side door also needs to be replaced. It will go from this
To this

Finally (and this might be my favorite), we are replacing the utilitarian flood light over our garage
With a barn light that will be a little more decorative.
The icing on the cake is that our new lighting will be set up on a series of timers and motion detectors. One less thing for us to think about, I'm all for that.

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