Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Arse Art

I have a couple of ideas brewing for the giant wall art that I mentioned wanting for our upstairs hallway. I'm all over the board, from super traditional to super modern.

Framed wallpaper panels are an obvious choice.
Domicile Interior Design
Chinoiserie themed wallpaper especially. The print is generally large in scale and can stand on its own.
Love how Jenny gave hers an edgy look with plexiglass.

We're also considering fine art mounted on giant-size canvases available from Surface View. Surface View is a UK company that allows you to crop and enlarge any of their available images in a variety of ways. I've been having so much fun on their website.

This is Chris's pick.

This is called The Virgin in Prayer which would be ironic because neither of us are virginal or saintly.

I also like this one.
The Surprise

Or maybe something that will indulge my sailboat obsession.
Mending Sails on the Deck of the 'Birkdale'

Or...we could get really creative and blow up one of our own photos into a 3' x 4' engineer print at our local copy shop. For around $20 (including plywood or foam core mount board), this would be our most economical option.
Sugar Bee Crafts

We still have plenty of time to figure it out.

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