Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Funny story about this huge, bamboo framed, crazy-awesome mirror.
I saw it for the first time six months ago at a rather pricey antique store not far from my house. It is the kind of antique store that is only open "by appointment" or if the owner happens to be there. The kind of antique store that doesn't put a price tag on anything. I make a point to stop in whenever I see that it is open just for inspiration.  

Six months ago when this mirror first caught my eye, I asked the owner how much she wanted for it. She gave me her price and I walked away because it was way more than I'd ever spend on a mirror. A few weeks ago I stopped back in and was surprised to see that the mirror was still available. I played dumb and I asked again how much she wanted for it.

This time she quoted me half of her original price. 

And that, my friends, is why it is now sitting in my family room waiting to be hung in our soon-to-be renovated hallway. 

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