Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Reserve the Right to Change My Mind...

As my vision for the hallway slowly comes together, I've been second guessing my desire for a leopard runner. I think it is something I need to see in person before fully committing.

A close runner up is wool-sisal in the hallway and stairs. I've read somewhere that straight up sisal as a stair runner is bad news for dogs because they can catch their claws on it.  Wool sisal looks like sisal, but feels more like wool. I'd imagine it would be a lot easier to clean also.

If we go this route I'd want to add a border and have the runner installed a few inches away from the walls.
Landry and Arcari
I'll need to visit a carpet showroom to see what something like that would cost me. Looks pricey.

I could also be persuaded to go with some herringbone action. I love me a good herringbone. This one that Sherry Hart did for a client..  Again, no wall-to-wall here and it has a nice contrast border.

If all else fails, this diamond textured rug from the Home Depot would be a good compromise.

It has great texture and comes in plenty of colors.
Has anyone used it?

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