Friday, November 9, 2012

Transom Transformed

There's nothing I like more than a good before and after, especially when it is quick and painless.  Such was the case with replacing our house numbers in the transom over our front door. 
SO much better than what it looked like previously. If you remember, the old numbers were just painted on and very difficult to read from the street. 
Applying our new house number was a super easy process thanks to the helpful people at the House Number Lab. We selected the "Reserve" font in 22k matte gold with a black contour drop shadow.

Some of the highlights of the process involved scraping the old paint off the window and starting with a clean surface.
 Then we measured and leveled the center point from outside using a dry erase pen provided in the kit. (Btw, have you noticed by now that I use "we" when I really mean Chris?)
 Then we applied the numbers.
 And slowly peeled off the backing.
 Moment of truth!
 Next, we applied the shadow and peeled the backing off that too.

The best part may be how easily the pizza delivery man will be able to find our house.
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