Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Post About Hallways

Are you sick of hearing about my hallway yet? If not, then please continue on.

Since reading this post, my mother has started a campaign to talk me out of choosing leopard for my stair and hallway runner ("Your house will look like a Vegas nightclub, Carrie!"). But I disagree. I think it can be rather tasteful and fabulous. Not to mention its stain disguising powers. I've never seen a dirty leopard, have you?
Jennifer Eisenstadt Design
So I brought home some samples from my local carpet showroom.

But the practical side of me is afraid I'll get tired of leopard before my wallet will allow me to replace it. So I am also looking at "safer" options. 

Wool sisal could be kind of fun if paired with an interesting border, like this one from the 2012 Hamptons Designer Show House. 
Habitually Chic
I found something pretty close at the carpet showroom.

The good news is that I've narrowed it down to these two options. The bad news is that I'm officially undecided between the two. The carpet showroom is sending out a designer to measure on Friday. Hopefully, she'll help me select one over the other.

Until then, I'm curious to hear where you stand... Spots or not?

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