Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beer Budget

Greetings from Boston!
I'm here in Boston for a few days on business. I was here last week too. Boston is beginning to feel like home.

View of the historic Old State House from my conference room
 I've already scouted out my new favorite boutique home store in the North End, called Aquire. That's where I found this lovely cabinet which I figure would be a perfect statement piece for a big blank wall we have in our living room .

When I showed it to Chris, he agreed that it was pretty cool, but reminded me that we'd come across another cabinet during a recent Salvation Army visit that was equally as cool. If not cooler.

But I LURVE the black one.
Of course it is way expensive. More expensive than all the furniture at the Salvation Army combined.
Damn you champaigne taste!

Do you think I could find the look for less?

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