Friday, March 8, 2013

I Need a Vacation

Guys, I apologize for my lack of presence in blogland lately. My job has me traveling all over the place and that leaves me with very little time to get any work done on the house much less write about it. I've been hinting to Chris that it would be so much fun to come home from a work trip to find that he's surprised me with a completely finished living room (a la TCL's "While You Were Out". Does anyone remember that show?).  Needless to say that hasn't happened yet.

My travels have only taken me to locations as wintery as my own hometown, so I am in desperate need of a warm and sunny getaway. I've been daydreaming of South Beach, Miami. Just a short non-stop flight away, I can leave all my stresses (and passport) behind.

Last time Chris and I were in South Beach, we stayed at the Raleigh. You might recognize its iconic pool.
The Raleigh is heaven. I want my backyard to look like that patio restaurant.

But there are just so many stylish hotels to choose from in South Beach. It makes deciding where to stay a difficult decision. Like the Delano. The Delano was decorated by Philippe Starck. As you walk through the grounds and lobby, you can see his whimsical ways.
On second thought, this place may be too cool for me.

I presently have the King and Grove Tides South Beach queued up in my Orbitz "checkout suitcase". The Tides got a lot of press a few years ago when Kelly Wearstler redecorated it. The hotel has since changed management, but it looks like they kept her signature style.
My decorating senses could use a good dose of inspiration and my body could use some vitamin D.  South Beach, here I come!

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