Monday, April 1, 2013

Field Trip: Portsmouth, NH

Chris and I had the pleasure of visiting my brother and his family in the charming little seaside town of Portsmouth, NH over the weekend. Portsmouth is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the University of New Hampshire where we both went to school. I left. He stayed in the area and settled down.  I'm so glad he did because this is the gorgeousness I get to come back to every time we visit.

On our little field trip, we walked through Strawbery Banke, an outdoor museum in Portsmouth's historic district. It is considered the first neighborhood in NH to be settled by Europeans. During the warmer months, Strawbery Banke opens the doors to several buildings that have been preserved to look the way they did at the time they were built. The staff dress up in period clothing to show tour-goers how people of that time lived and worked.

I was a little kid the last time I took the tour. I think I'd enjoy it even more as an adult.

Many of the homes in this area have widow's walks, rooftop walkways said to be used by the wives of mariners who would use them to watch and pray for the safe return of their husbands out at sea. 
Chris and I dream about owning property here. Who wouldn't love living in a big white house with a picket fence with a view of the ocean? 

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