Thursday, May 2, 2013


The Norwood Maple in front of our house was probably planted around the time our house was built. We were aware when we moved in that the poor tree was diseased and would need to be removed, but I dreaded the thought. One of the charms of my neighborhood is its streets lined with established trees.

Last summer it was looking especially bad. It was clearly time to take action.  Where we live, the trees planted on the curb are the property of the city, so I called them to take a look.

Then completely forgot about it.

Last week we were a little surprised to see half of it gone! 

Seems it is our now responsibility to get rid of the unsightly stump. 

Update: I love having a blog with such knowledgable readers...Per some of the comments, I contacted our city's forestry division to ask about the stump. The receptionist told me that the city WILL remove the stump, but it may take up to 10 months. She said we could remove it ourselves with a permit. Thanks readers!

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