Monday, May 13, 2013

Let's Get to Work!

Progress on our living room has been slow, but we're starting to make some headway. Most recently, we've come to a decision on the crown molding profile. Easier said than done. This has been a topic of conversation ever since we moved to Hazard Ave. (Interestingly, the house didn't have original crown when we moved in.) Being a "formal" living room and all, we want it to stand apart from the other more casually used rooms in the house. It needs to be a little fancy.

We've been back and forth on just how fancy. We both love jumbo dentil molding.
J. Savage Gibson, House Beautiful

But ultimately decided that this may not be right for our house. Plus it has a high probability of looking like a hack DIY job if done incorrectly. So we finally settled on a profile that still has a lot of detail but is a little more subdued: egg and dart.

Melissa Hawks, The Well Appointed House
Beautiful, no?

Chris has been playing around with some molding scraps and a sample piece of egg and dart.
I like where this is headed.

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