Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yard Work

Mulch is like a fresh coat of paint for your yard. A new layer of it every spring is instantly transforming.
Which is a nice reward when you can't move your arms after spreading 4 cubic yards of it in your backyard.

We took a shortcut when it came to the beds in the driveway and hired a landscaper. 

 Not only did they mulch, but they cleaned out the beds and planted some brand new shrubs and perennials. I have no vision when it comes to gardening, so I was happy to spend the dough to let someone else do it.
 The landscapers surprised me by starting the job a week early and I missed the opportunity to take before pictures. It looked about as bad as a vacant city lot.

So now that the yard is done, time to spend the summer outside enjoying it, right?
Yep, just as soon as we finish the living room...

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