Monday, September 23, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

All does not always go as planned in home renovation.
Back in February, I posted about a new hallway runner for our foyer & hallway that we had just finished remodeling.  Then I cruelly left you hanging by neglecting to tell you which runner I had decided on: a wool sisal one with a fabric border or a leopard print runner. My grand plan was to reveal my decision shortly after with an "after" photo of my runner newly installed looking super cool and fabulous.

Well, here is the anticlimatic reveal eight months later:

That's right. There is no runner. 

You see, I ended up placing an order for a wool sisal runner with a fabric border, like this

Then endured a series of annoying and frustrating attempts by the carpet showroom and manufacturer to get our order right (and had to deal with a rude saleslady to boot.) The first rug arrived without the fabric border I requested, the second attempt was cut too wide for my staircase, and the third attempt was just plain wrong: 
It was the installers who finally told me that a border like the one I wanted couldn't be used on a stair runner. They said that the extra fabric created a lot of puckering where the stair meets the riser and there was no way they could smooth it out. A few days later, the carpet showroom saleslady confirmed it after speaking to the manufacture. 


Instead I requested our refund back and vowed to never, ever do business with them again.

Needless to say, animal print is back on the table. I called the same guy Erin Gates bought her cheetah runner from and it turns out his company also services my area. The bonus is that the cheetah runner will cost about the same price as the wool sisal one I originally planned to buy. 
Elements of Style
Kind of makes the decision an easy one, no? 

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