Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Living Room Reveal!

Sorry to hold out on you for so long, friends. Man, this room took a lot longer than Chris and I anticipated. Some things, however, are worth the wait.
Do you remember what it looked like about 8 months ago?
Since then, we removed the stained and peeling wallpaper, had the walls skimmed, and installed new moldings. The whole room got a fresh coat of white paint.
Along the way I did some shopping. I must say, it was my favorite part of the project.
Good old Abe found a spot over a mahogany dresser that we found at an antique store. The side chair and mirror were also antique store finds. I got the blue lamp at Homegoods for a steal.
 The drapes are organic linen from Merry Window. The artwork is by Michelle Armas. I was thrilled when she started selling her prints as canvases. Love. The pillows are from High Street Market. The mirrored coffee table was exactly what I wanted...purchased from the South Shore Decorating Store. Thank you, Stacy!
I couldn't be happier with the way my $25 yard sale chairs came back from the reupholster. Also,
the Onyx rug from Room and Board ended up being perfect. Oh how I agonized over which rug to get!

It feels SO GOOD to have this room finished. Since it has been done I've been spending every free minute in here, literally just staring at the walls :)

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