Monday, February 17, 2014

The Plan

Sorry to hold out on you for so long, but I've been waiting for something worthwhile to report. Planning a kitchen remodel is a slowwwwwwww process.

A few weeks ago, Chris and I met with a kitchen designer at a local cabinet showroom who was recommended by a contractor bidding on the project. For anyone who is curious, the designer is paid on commission from the cabinetry we purchase. We also have the option of purchasing the plans for a small fee and buying the cabinetry elsewhere.

I brought her photos of our current kitchen, several inspiration pictures to show her, and a few days later she came out to the house to take measurements.

Then she got busy.

Chris and I went back to the showroom a few nights ago to review her design ideas. I'll admit that I was a nervous wreck, scared that the kitchen of my dreams lived only in my imagination, but I shouldn't have been. We're both thrilled with the plan.

Some of the obvious changes include a new row of windows above the sink (where a lot of god awful cabinets currently hang) and a sweet new island where I can sit while watching Chris make dinner and do all the dishes. What isn't so obvious is that we'll be removing the existing butler's pantry to extend the kitchen all the way to the dining room.

Having direct access between the kitchen and dining room is going to be HUGE and the change that I'm the most excited about. Right now, we have to walk into the butler's pantry, turn left, walk down a hallway, then turn right to get to the dining room. You need a map! Not so fun when entertaining.

Yes, I was sad to see the pantry go, but only for about 5 seconds. A larger kitchen will be more functional for us (and I presume for future inhabitants too). Families just don't live the way they did when this house was built. The butler's pantry goes bye bye.

The designer sent the specs and measurements to the contractor who will confirm if the plan is structurally possible. We'll also get the official dreaded price tag.

I'll be in touch.

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