Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Productive Weekend

The dust may have settled on all our previous projects, but still some lingering annoyances remained. You know how it goes, you put away all the paint and tools only to notice the areas that got missed with the caulk gun or spots on the walls that need a paint touch up.
Our hallway (yes, the one we "finished" over a year ago), still needed a cover for the baseboard heating element. We took the old one off because the metal was dented and damaged. When it came time to replace it, it just didn't seem right to put an ugly old metal one back on. We've been living with the heating element exposed ever since!
We toyed with the idea of ordering a custom baseboard cover (like this one, or this one here), but Chris ultimately decided to make one himself. It only took him a few hours & $25 in supplies to make our hallway look so much more polished and um... finished. If I had known it was going to be that easy, I would have made him do it months ago. Ha!
Looks good, right? Of course, now I want them for all the rooms in our house.

Chris wasn't the only one who got to cross a task off the punch list. I made a faux relaxed roman shade for the window in our upstairs hallway. I just repeated the same steps I used for the shade in our guest bathroom, but this time I skipped the fight with the sewing machine and used hem tape. I also added a liner.

I scored the Zimba remnant from Maggie G Designs. It gives a nice little punch at the end of our long hallway.

What projects did you cross off your list this weekend?
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