Monday, April 14, 2014

Sticker Shock

I wish I had more in the way of exciting updates to report on our kitchen remodel, but we're still finalizing some details and trying to get the biggest bang for our buck. Admittedly, ours will not be a budget remodel, but I do still have to work within a budget.  The dollar signs are starting to add up and the fun of planning our remodel has kind of dissipated.

Here's what no one told me before I set my sights so high:

A cabinet paneled Sub Zero fridge alone will cost more than 3 times as much as a basic Fridgidaire range, dishwasher, and refrigerator stainless package. Oh, and the one we want doesn't even include a filtered water dispenser.
An inset cabinet door, a subtle luxury that places the cabinet door on the same plane as the cabinet frame, will add 5-8% to the total cost of cabinets vs a full overlay cabinet door
Elle Decor
Adding "feet" to make a cabinet look like a piece of furniture can cost up to $150 per cabinet
Hazardous Design
If you opt for a professional grade range, it is going to require a more expensive range hood that is powerful enough to draw smoke, grease, and odors away from the cooktop
We're still crunching the numbers to determine what (if any) of our wish list items we'll be able to afford, but right now it is looking like I might need to sell a kidney. Or... maybe I should let Chris tackle this project himself???

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