Monday, May 5, 2014

Wishy Washy

I have so many ideas that I want to incorporate into my dream kitchen that I'd need about a dozen properties and an infinite budget in order to realize them all. There's also Chris's wish list to consider.  Truth be told, the guy does most of the cooking around here and I suppose that gives him the right to an opinion.

Over the last couple of months I've changed my mind at least 5 times regarding the cabinet color and countertops. It has literally been keeping me awake at night. You see, for the longest time I wanted a classic all white kitchen, 
Tamara Magel
but when we visited the cabinet showroom and saw charcoal gray cabinetry up close and personal, Chris was all over it. I was on board too. 

decor pad
Though all that gray started to feel really dark and heavy as I thought-then obsessed-about it. 

Around this time, we were immersed into Season 2 of House of Cards and so I changed my (our) mind to black countertops and white cabinets...

until we finished the season. Since then, I've kind of forgotten about it. I guess that's proof that I didn't want that combo all that much in the first place. 

Somewhere along the way we flirted with the idea of a butcher block countertop. Neither of us officially nixed it. It just sort of fizzled. 
decor pad
Eventually we settled on a color scheme that seems to be the best compromise of the classic white kitchen that I want and the masculine gray kitchen that Chris wants: white cabinetry on the perimeter of the kitchen and charcoal on the island. We'll also have a built in hutch that will be painted gray as well. Carrara on all surfaces. 
The Art of Bespoke
decor pad
I realize this isn't a ground breaking result to arrive at after all that deliberation, but that's how we got here. We need to place our cabinetry order soon, so for better or for worse, time is running out to change our minds! 

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