Thursday, June 26, 2014


Who wants to see some demolition pictures?

Here's a quick reminder of what our kitchen used to look like

 Here's the same location

Here you can see the framing that used to be the wall separating the kitchen from the butler's pantry. Now that it has been opened up I can finally envision how much space we'll have in the new kitchen. SO AWESOME!

The new, larger doorway to the dining room will be in the center of this wall.

Now I'm standing where the butler's pantry used to be, looking into the kitchen.

The contractors entirely sealed off the kitchen with plywood and plastic and are using a dust extractor to move all the dust outside. I've been so impressed with how well the set up has been working.

Look at all that old knob and tube wiring in the ceiling. Thankfully, that is all going to be replaced.

Meanwhile we've set up a temporary kitchen in our family room. Chris loves the convenience of having a small fridge so close to where we watch TV and now I'm afraid he's going to want to keep it in here even after the remodel is done.
So needless to say the house is a mess. There's stuff everywhere. Our family room is serving as our makeshift kitchen, all the dining room furniture has been moved to the living room, and a lot of the kitchen stuff is in our office. Living like this is making me very uncomfortable, but hey, only 8+ weeks left to go! 

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