Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 3 Kitchen Progress: We're the Proud New Owners of a Support Beam

What a difference a week makes!
So much happened, including the installation of the support beam to replace a load bearing wall that used to separate the old butler's pantry from the kitchen. Installation of a support beam can go one of three ways: it can be buried, you can lower the ceiling to meet it, or you can keep the ceiling at the existing height and make the beam visible. Our contractor broke the news to us last Monday morning that he might need to drop the ceiling a full 14 inches to accommodate the beam because of the way our house was framed.  I was open to making the beam visible, but that wasn't an option because it would have dissected the new island in an awkward spot. After a lot of hard work, he was able to bury it and the new kitchen will have glorious 9 1/2' ceilings. Phew.

The guys framed out the rest of the ceiling and completed the new subfloor. It is starting to resemble a room again.

But my favorite change to happen this week was to see the new doorway to the dining room open up. Anyone who's been to our house knows how frustrating it used to be to get from the kitchen to the dining room, so this was my number one "must have" in the remodel. I couldn't resist doing a little jig to celebrate the giant hole in the wall. 

 Here's the view from another angle. I can't accurately describe how much more spacious the room feels now.  Heck, it is going to make the whole house feel bigger!  Plus, it lets in so much more sunlight.

That's our new range hood cover in the dining room. This bad boy arrived late Friday night and we couldn't wait to unwrap it.

We decided against the hood offered by the cabinetry line because it was so expensive ($2500, not including the liner. Gezus), so I began a quest to find an alternative. I was pleasantly surprised to find a large selection offered by Remodel Market. We went with the "classic" in maple. It comes unfinished, but for under $600, I'm totally willing to make Chris paint it.

It is always nerve-wracking to make such a large purchase online and I couldn't find any reviews.  Chris and I are both relieved to see that this hood is beautiful in person and so well crafted. The customer service provided by this company is excellent too. Now we just can't wait to see it installed. Only 5+ weeks!


laura Madalene said...

Nice post! I will follow your blog as my pattern for decorating my kitchen cabinets next week! Thank you for sharing!
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Kirsten said...

Wow! It looks so much bigger and brighter already. Congrats on the great progress this week :)

Cathy Wall said...

Awesome! The DR opening made a huge difference, now you have the perfect party flow! LOVE the range hood!!!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Amazing how tearing out that wall changes up the whole house! I feel the same way about my new space. So fun following along this remodel project (and mess) together! We are at paint stage this week...eeek!!

Ri Home said...

That's nice work on the ceiling. What an unhappy result that would have been if they had to drop it 14". That wider doorway will make all the difference too.

It's fantastic when a good plan turns out to be a really great plan,

Holly Gruszka said...

HUGE opening up that wall for the openess and the LIGHT! Look at the light coming through! You must be ecstatic. And that hood is awesome - what a great find. Progress is always good and this is looking exceptional.

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