Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 7 Kitchen Reno: What a Difference a Week Makes!

Has it only been 7 weeks? Feels like 70. We are so ready for the renovation to be finished and to have our house back. Good thing the guys have been busting out some serious progress. It is starting to look like a room again and I couldn't be happier.

The blueboard went up and it got plastered "smooth as glass" (as our contractor kept saying). Over the weekend, Chris and I painted the walls and ceiling.
Since the patient was already open, we decided to have 1/4 inch sheetrock installed over the dining room wallpaper to save ourselves the trouble of tearing it down later. The plasterers are coming back in a few days to skim it. (Another room, another project!)

Our brand new ginormous window is finally in. This kitchen will be so sunny and bright, I'll need to wear sunglasses inside. And possibly even at night.

The cabinets were delivered late last week and are currently camping out in our dining room. The plan is to get them in today because the stone fabricators are coming tomorrow to template the new countertops.

Speaking of counters, we selected our slabs of honed cararra marble a couple of weeks ago. We needed two and were lucky to find a bookended pair, meaning they are mirror images of each other. This should make the seams hardly noticeable.
Apparently,  the trend with choosing marble is to go "white and light", but when we went to pick ours out, Chris and I gravitated towards the slabs that were on the grayer end of the spectrum and had lots of veining. And who knows? Maybe the darker version will help hide the red wine stains that I will inevitably cause (and blame on Chris.)

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